The Disgeum series' setting is on a world called Disgeum (or Disgeumia) which is located in the Arusstar Galaxy. It is one of the 4 livi

The map of Disgeum

ng planets (the others being Dian, Aain and Cirest)

The picture below shows a map of Disgeumia. The Biggest Continent is Kyojin, which means Giant in Japanese. The second largest continents are the Wall Continent and the most dangerous Continent, Gado (Guard) and Gekido (Rage). The third largest is the Mystery Continent, Senchineru (Sentinel), next is the Scattered Continent, Doreiku (Draker) and the smallest, Sutoruso (Stealth).


There are 6 continents in the planet Disgeum. These massive bodies of lands have smaller separated lands called countries. And then so forth. It is just like the planet Earth in the different universe.


This is the largest continent in the planet. The name is a japanese word called Giant. It has 10 countries and it is the main setting in the series as the main protagonist, Ren and most of his friends, live here, and they live on the largest country in Kyojin which is Napaj (It is actually Japan in backwards). It is located on the top right, crossing to the center. It shares an ocean with Senchineru and Gekido. From Senchineru to Kyojin, there is a ocean called the Dark Rift. The ocean is called the Dark Rift because of it's darkish-blue color and has dangerous sea creatures around it. That is why Senchineru is unreachable due to the ocean being almost unapproachable and anyone hasn't gone there yet except when airships, airplanes, helicopters, and any flying vehicles and transportation go there as they can cross the skies without getting attacked by the creatures.

Kyojin is mainly consisted of many common and rare animals that probably cannot be found on other continents. For example, the Job Dog, Romanian, Clawed Harlequin, Astridish, and many more. Mostly animals here are being taken care as pets unlike on other countries which their population of having pets is only around 10% and 30%. It has grassy, rocky, wet and swampy places.


The second largest continent-in-tie with Gekido. This is a planet that mostly has snowy, cold and grassy places. It is mostly covered in snow and ice, and it only has a few grassy places. Trees are rare in the continent as well. Rain doesn't also seem to reach it as well, even though it's neighbor continents, Gekido and Sutoruso can be hit by rain and even typhoons. Mostly their water is from ice, and they clean it to become drinkable as a modern and traditional way. There are also animals here that cannot be seen on other continents as they are suited with the cold air, climate and enviroment of Gado. It has 5 countries. On it's ocean, Ysenobi, is known for having a huge iceberg-like-wall thus giving the continent's name. The continent is still crossable, by passing through 3 of it's continents.


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