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Disgeum is an original fiction series that is about a young man who recently discovered the origins of his family and his past. The Ribenseji is his clan he is in has it's leader become one of the Sages of the past, and they are the leaders of continents. The young man, Ren, only just recently discovering his past, also discovered he's the heir of his father, Jin Ribenseji.


It is the present time.

100-years ago, Japan was attacked by shadows. These were shadows, lurking in the very dark for many years, and milleniums, showed up themselves as they evolved into a manifestation of theirselves as monsters. This continued on and on until 20-years ago, a man named Jin, who was rumored to be the next Sage, leaders of continents, showed up himself and defeated these shadows with a special power within the will of humans. It was then called R.E.V Ki, given it's name by the first Sage. Soon after 3 years, Jin married a woman named Amiya and had a son called Ren Ribenseji.

R stands for Rage. E stands for End. V stands for Vicious. This name symbolizes it's great destructive power, which is also used for good. But soon it was for bad doings as people discovered how to learn these...

Ren Ribenseji is a 17-year old young man without any memory of his past and just discovered his past from a messenger who came into his home. The messenger was a messenger of his father, Jin Ribenseji. Proofs, items, and all other things made him believe in this.

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