The flow of R.E.V in the body.

R.E.V, literally meaning "Raging End of the Vicious (ヴィシャスのレイジング終了 Vu~ishasu no reijingu shūryō)" is the energy used in many known/unknown techniques, even the lowest is needed to use techniques. The name also refers to the end of the vicious (Past-Shadow Lords), with a raging, violent response from the end of the war, and cursed the First Sage's bloodline. Before dieing, the First Sage named the physical, mental energy of the body in every cell of it, R.E.V.

It can increase and improve in experience and exercise. To allow access in controlling R.E.V, one must immediately focus in the desired technique. This will be immediately start, until it is finished and is ready to be unleashed. It also is used in various minor techniques, like floating, walking in fire, water, air, etc., flying and a lot more to be known.

Types of R.E.VEdit

Mental R.E.VEdit

It is the blue R.E.V flowing in the body. It increases the mental ability of the mind, enhancing most of intelligence. It is mostly used in thinking abilities (Genrev). It also allows to increase the purpose of body parts, making them allow more options of these.

Physical R.E.VEdit

It is the red R.E.V flowing in the body. It increases the strength, agility and other attributes of the body, enhancing them to be more advanced. It is mostly used in abilities that use the physical parts of the body (Tairev). This Tairev abilities are mostly enhanced with Physical R.E.V to enhance them to become stronger and more effective against the enemy.

Outer R.E.VEdit

It is the green R.E.V flowing in the body. It is used to unleash creation of outer-elements in the body, letting them out through any body part. Like for example: summoning a dragon, controlling and making fire, manipulating water, etc., and it is mostly used in many abilities of what they call in the Earth's universe, magic. (Kirev)

Kirev abilities are mainly used with Outer R.E.V. Sometimes they can be paired by Physical R.E.V, to create a new type (Taikirev).

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