Ren Ribenseji (漣リベンジャーRibenseji Ren) is the main male protagonist of the series of Disgeum.

Ren Ribenseji
This is a look-alike of Ren. NOTE: I am still working on the original and true appearance of Ren so this picture should work.~
Some attributes
First 漣リベンジャー(Ren Ribenseji), ナンバーワンスマートバカ (Number One Smart Baka)Nanbāwansumātobaka, ワンダラー (Wanderer) Wandarā, 選ばれたネフィリム (Chosen Nephilim) Eraba reta nefirimu
Second Debut: Manga: Chapter 1, Anime: Episode 1, Movie: Disgeum: The Time Island, Game: Disgeum Revrriors I
Third Voice Actor: ?

Voice Actor (Demon): ? Seiyuu: ? Seiyuu (Demon): ?

Other attributes
Fourth Birthdate: December 14

Age: 1-4: 17

    5-?: 18
Fifth Gender: Male
Sixth Height: 1-2: 165 cm
       3-4: 168 cm
       5-?: 173 cm

Weight: 1-2: 51 kg

       3-4: 52 kg
       5-?: 53.9 kg

He is a Sager, the heir to his father who was a Sage, Jin Ribenseji. He is known for being the 5th's Sage's son, the creator of numerous abilities (Dragon Fist, God Fist, etc.) and one of the well-respected students in the Haven Academy.


Ren was born to be the first son of his father, the 5th Sage (and also a Nephilim), Jin Ribenseji and his mother, an angel, Amiya Himekura. Born in the Clouds-Before-Heaven, he is more specialized in his Angel abilities. After his mother left, her mother asked her son's soon-to-be guardian, Kain, to take care of him. His memory was soon erased and he was brought to Earth.

Ren then grew up without a mother and father, only a guardian who wasn't related to him to take care of him. He became quiet than usual after that day.

One day, Kain allowed Ren to attend a school. That school erased his sadness and feeling of loneliness. He lured many children, becoming their friends. He also met one child, Ix Tsuhime, who wasn't interested at him at all and also didn't have any parents who took care of him. Ix was also better than him, and because of that, Ren also became jealous at Ix and the two became rivals. This developed into a brotherly friendship, but the two got separated.

As years passed, one day, a messenger came at Ren's home when Kain was away. He learned the truth and suddenly his memories came back.


Ren is quiet, but not at all times. He had a habit of saying "yeah". He also sometimes says "na" at the end of his sentences, causing people to get easily confused at what he was really saying. He is very sneaky when he sees something suspicious, and examines things very well. He is also very smart, but his old friend was smarter than him, causing him to be jealous. He is also the best in drawing in almost all of his schools, except his current school.

He showed a very impatient and fiery attitude at the beginning of the series, and gets really nervous at times, causing him not easily to believe in things. This hardened the time to convince him, too. But he changed after his memories came back. He still kept his fiery attitude, like taking things too far while training.

He is also shown to care about others and is great at convincing, like his uncle. He is also kind and very friendly, like her mother. He also grown up to be more caring than her mother, and when somebody also borrows something from Ren, he easily gets tricked by their convinces and jokes, causing him to get really nervous too at these times. He then also practiced to avoid this.

Sometimes, he would command his guardian, Kain, to create him a drink called: "Kain's Energy Drink Special", which he goes crazy with and changes his personality to become more confident, noisy and arrogant. His weakness is dangerous and scary-looking insects except for cockroaches and spiders (he also likes animals). He is also scared of others getting angry at him, sometimes getting him to cry, but throughout the series, he also has avoided this.


(Link coming soon)

Ren had interested many people around him. He treated all of his people well, even his enemies. He also helped his enemies. Some of those moments happened to be a moment of having friendship, thus Ren had many relationships with many characters through the series' time.


Ren, as said by Kain, had inherited his father's looks. Ren also had the eyes of his mother, which are purple/violet. His eyes are more purple/violet looking, as his father's eyes are blue, adding more color to his eyes. But his right eye is covered by an eyepatch, because of the cursed bloodline of Sages. (literally a Cursed eye from a vicious Demon Lord, and can shorten life, up to 40 to 60 is the maximum age of a cursed Sage, for now and cannot reach any further than 60). This eye has a mark that has a small circle over it with a black dot  Ren is also considered very handsome by many, probably because of his hair, his eyes or his whole face itself.

In Season 1, he wore an unzipped black and blue hoodie. His whole hoodie is black, while some parts of his hoodie are blue like lines crossing over his shoulders and arms. He sometimes wore a black cloak over his hoodie. He also wore formal and casual pants, which has a chain on the right side of his hips. He wore casual shoes, and sometimes he would wear sandals-with-socks. Ren also stated that he would only wear different clothing on weekends. (Episode 14)

During the Angel-Demon war, he zipped his hoodie. His cloak becomes more tattered and had more shreds. He had a strange mark on the chest part of his cloak, which is due to the 2nd stage of the Sager form transformation. He wore different pants this time, which are given to him by Arashin. His pants looked similar to his previous pants, but darker and had a black leather belt over it which has the Ribenseji's family clan's emblem.

In Season 2-4, he also wear different clothing this time. He did not wear his cloak anymore, and he wore a different hoodie this time. This hoodie was zipped, and its hood has fur-lines over it. He also wore the same pants, and he added chains on his pants like on his previous pants, but was longer this time.

In Season 5, he still kept wearing the same clothing but he wore a new cloak gave to him by Kain.


Ren is quite advanced at his skills since the start of the series. He showed great potential. The only thing he is not
Igniting dragon fist flames

Ren, about to use Dragon Fist

quite used with, is the flow of REV and to control it. At the start of the series, he only learned a few abilities despite him being trained by Kain for years. Also, he also was specialized in Physical REV. He showed this by being able to carry heavy things even a car. Throughout the series, he learned many abilities, and even created his own: The Dragon Fist. The Dragon Fist is his strongest ability so far, but he has created multiple stronger variations throughout the halfway-middle of the series.

At Season 1, Ren had only learned a few mental and outer REV abilities. He was specialized in Physical R.E.V, that time, and showed great strength with enemies who are taller, tougher and even who looked stronger than him. It is shown that his weakness is also dark abilities, even though Sages are able to manipulate light and dark elements and felt a little pain from them, as they are all balanced.

He showed great potential in creating an ability. Of course, since creating an ability from R.E.V needs R.E.V control and flow, it look him too long to create one, but thanks to his Sage abilities, his mental R.E.V control was powerful and it easily created what he desired from Dragons: The Dragon Fist.

At the 3rd Disgeum Angel-Demon War, which was the 3rd that happened in a planet, but it is actually the 10th war against Angels and Demons, Ren was overpowered by the power of Sager. This Sager ability seems to get more corrupted because of the Demon Eye, thus changing his personality slowly as it takes over him. This led to a 2nd stage of the Sager form transformation, allowing him to become abnormally stronger in all of his abilities, and his physical R.E.V increased more, as he is even able to carry a tower. His looks become more demonic, his Sager marks cross all over his body, making him almost black-colored, with 4 pair of horns at his left and right side and demon & angels wings. But at the end, he overcomed his fear of changing, and he tried to use it one more time, making him not able to go 2nd stage again. Instead, he created a new form to replace this, by the help of others (which he actually kept) which will be revealed throughout the series (hasn't been shown yet in the series).

Overall, he is quite very strong as a Nephilim, and as a descendant of a strong and powerful Sage.

Mental R.E.VEdit

Ren is shown to be very smart, and this is doubled by the use and control of his Mental R.E.V, which his mother is specialized in. Thanks to his mother, Ren can almost answer all of his tests quickly and perfectly. At the beginning of the series, he is very weak in his mental abilities, and always doesn't think before acting. But thanks to the help of his friends, he has grown mentally stronger and has been helped by multiple others.

Physical R.E.VEdit

Being specialized in Physical R.E.V, Ren is very strong for his size. He likes to show off using this power around. He also can carry a car and other heavy things by himself. Even though he has intense strength, he is still improving, and Ren likes to mix and match his Physical R.E.V with his Outer R.E.V, combining a lot of abilities that accompanies the strength of Ren.

Outer R.E.VEdit

Coming soon

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